miercuri, 31 octombrie 2012

My fey self, for Julie Kagawa's Contest

In English: Heya, guys! It's late, I wanted to post this earlier, but school's not nice with me. So, Julie Kagwa, the awesome writer of the Iron fey series I've been telling you about for..... well, a long time, is having an awesome (really common word for me) contest. You have to dress up as a fey, give your faery self a name and post the picture. Here's mine:
My name's Aileen. It means "light". I'm a exiled dryad of the summer court. I got exiled because I tried to save a human girl. She was one of Titania's toys. I almost got myself killed, but because of one summer jester I managed to get myself out of Faery, not to get myself leaves and nuts.
On Earth I try to survive. Summer's fades, Winter's on it's way.... the ice is really cold... I miss home...

In romana: Hey guys!
Dupa cum vedeti, particip la concursul organizat de autoarea Julie Kagawa pentru a castiga:... mda, asta! Premii faine! Imi pare rau ca nu am postat mai devreme sa aveti si voi timp sa va inscrieti... oricum, sper sa va placa poza mea si sa-mi tineti pumnii :)
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