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Crush post: Christian Ozera

Nume: Christian Ozera <3 (si fac aici prima paranteza... cat de bestail e numele acesta :D)
Varsta: 17 ani (multi inainte... ati inteles? Petru ca e vampir... :)))
Rasa: Vampir, mai exact moroi. Specializat in foc (deci e fierbine... <3)
Looks: Viitorul meu sot e inalt, are ochii de un albastru hipnotizant si are parul negru, combinatia mortala.
Comportament: E sarcastic si uneori rautacios, insa asta doar pentru ca toata lumea moroilor si dhampirilor este sigura ca se va transforma in strigoi pentru ca asta au facut si parintii lui. Christian nu are multi prieteni pentru ca moroii sunt asa putin batuti in cap si nu recunosc un tip super cand il vad.
Ocupatie: E coechipierul lui Rose in batucit funduri de strigoi si, mai sa fie, fac o echipa pe cinste acestia doi. SI se mai ocupa cu invadatul gandurilor fetelor adolescente care isi doresc sa existe asemenea baieti si in lumea reala.

Citate care o sa iti distruga lumea pentru ca el nu exista:
Nota: le pun in engleza deoarece imi place mai mult cum suna decat in romana <3

“I love pity parties. I wish I’d bought the hats.” –Christian

Lissa : What are you doing here?
Christian : Taking in the sights, of course. That chair with the tarp on it is particularly lovely at this time of year. Over there, we have an old box full of the writings of the blessed and crazy St. Vladimir. And let’s not forget that beautiful table with no legs in the corner.
“Plus, I was about to spend six weeks with Christian Ozera. He was sarcastic, difficult, and made jokes about everything. Actually, he was a lot like me.
It was going to be a long six weeks.”  Rose
“About time," Christian said. "Lissa and Adrian get the market share on worrying about you, but they're not the only ones. And someone needs to put Adrian in his place, you know. I can't do it all the time." 
"Thanks. It kills me to say this, but I missed you too. No one's sarcasm compares to yours in Russia.”  Christian & Rose
“Christian stretched out beside her and pulled her close. ʺBut for what itʹs worth, I think youʹd be a great
queen too, Princess Dragomir.ʺ
ʺYouʹre going to get dirty,ʺ she warned.
ʺAlready am. Oh, you mean from your clothes?ʺ Christian & Lissa 
Aaron would never make up anything like that.”
"That's because Aaron doesn't say anything that requires words of more than one syllable.”  Lissa & Christian
“Come on! Don't hold back," Christian said. 
"I'm not, " Lissa protested.
"You are too! I've seen you knock on a door harder than you're hitting me. " 
"That's a ridiculous metaphor. " 
"And, " he added, "you aren't aiming for my face. " 
"I don't want to leave a mark!"
"Well, at the rate we're going, there's no danger of that, " he muttered”
“Don't do that!" she exclaimed, shivering at the realization that it had been his fingers touching her.
He gave her his lazy, slightly twisted smile and brushed a few pieces of unruly black hair out of his face.
"Are you asking me or ordering me?”
"Shut up." She glanced around, both to avoid his eyes and make sure no one saw them together.
"What's the matter? Worried about what your slaves'll think if they see you talking to me?”
"They're my friends," she retorted.
"Oh.Right. Of course they are. I mean, from what I saw, Camille would probably do anything for you, right? Friends till the end." He crossed his arms over his chest, and in spite of her anger, she couldn't help but notice how the silvery gray of his shirt set off his black hair and blue eyes.
“A ghostly smile flickered across his face. "If you weren't so psychotic, you'd be fun to hang around." 
"Funny, I feel that way about you too." He didn't say anything else, but the smile grew, and he walked away.”  Rose & Christian
“I can't wait until this show gets on the road," he said. "You and me are going to have so much fun, Rose. Picking out curtains, doing each other's hair, telling ghost stories..."
The reference to "ghost stories" hit a little closer to home than I was comfortable with. Not that choosing curtains or brushing Christian's hair was much more appealing.” 
“When we were almost to the other campus, I felt the weird nausea hit me. I called a warning to Christian, just as a Strigoi grabbed him. But Christian was fast. Flames wreathed the Strigoi's head. He screamed and released Christian, trying frantically to put the flames out. The Strigoi never saw me coming with the stake. The whole thing took under a minute. Christian and I exchanged looks.

Yeah. We were badasses.”  da, da sunteti

Motive sa-l votezi pe Chrisian:
  •  Ai citit bine ce scrie mai sus?
  • Ar face orice pentru a te apara.
  • Are niste replici care ar putea sa faca pana si cel mai lipsit de umor om de pe planeta sa rada cu lacrimi
  • Ochii aiaa albastriiii <3 :* :* :*
  • Este un Lord... si daca te-ai casatori cu el ai avea si tu numele ala genial al lui, Ozera <3
  • Are puterea de a da cuiva foc numai daca acel cineva ar vorbi urat despre tine, acum spune tu ca asta nu e awesome!!
  • E vampir :X
  • Pentru ca e fierbiiinteee :))) si are tot ce-i trebuie.
Pentru ca o sa il trimit sa te muste daca nu il votezi... sau ar trebui sa scriu ca o sa il trimit sa te muste daca IL votezi? E cam la egalitate aici :))
Asaa, sper ca o sa-l votati pe Chris :)) Ca e cel mai badass moroi ever <3

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  1. E ee e e e e e, Christian <3 Ai dat-o și tu în boala mea - frate, îmi place la nebunie de când am început Ew, nu știu de ce :)) Christian, Christian, Christian <333 Stii cumva care e blogul lui triunghi? Și ea tot pe Christian trebuia să-l reprezinte :*

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  3. Ohhh , de cand am citit Academia am si uitat cat de super amuzant era Christian. Si badass si dragut , si ahhh !

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