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Clockwork Princess snippet

Will & Cecily(Atentie, daca nu ati citit Printul mecanic sa va puna sfantu sa cititi ca va bate sfoara!):

“Write to them, Will,” said Cecily Herondale. “Please. Just one letter.”
Will tossed his sweat-soaked dark hair back and glared at her. “Get your feet into position,” was all he said. He pointed, with the tip of his dagger. “There, and there.”
Cecily sighed, and moved her feet. She had known she was out of position; she’d been doing in intentionally, to needle Will. It was easy to needle her brother. That much she remembered about him from when he had been twelve years old. Even then daring him to do anything, even climb the steeply pitched roof of their manor house, had resulted in the same thing: an angry blue flame in his eyes, a set jaw, and sometimes Will with a broken leg or arm at the end of it. 
Of course this brother, the nearly adult Will, was not the brother she remembered from her childhood. He had grown both more explosive and more withdrawn. He had all their mother’s beauty, and all their father’s stubbornness — and, she feared, his propensity for vices, though she had guessed that only from whispers among the occupants of the Institute.
“Raise your blade,” Will said. His voice was as cool and professional as her governess’. 
Cecily raised it. It had taken her some time to get used to the feel of gear against her skin: the loose tunic and trousers, the belt around her waist. Now she moved in it as comfortably as she had ever moved in the loosest nightdress. “I don’t understand why you won’t consider writing a letter. A single letter.”
“I don’t understand why you won’t consider going home,” Will said. “You are not made of Shadowhunter stuff, Cecy; you only came here to convince me to go home with you, and that I will not do. If you would just agree to return home yourself, you could stop worrying about our parents and I could arrange —”
Cecily interrupted him, having heard this speech a thousand times. “Would you consider a wager, Will?”
Cecily was both pleased and a little disappointed to see Will’s eyes spark, just the way her father’s always did when a gentleman’s bet was suggested. Men were so easy to predict, she thought.
“What sort of a wager, Cecily?” Will took a step forward; he was wearing gear; Cecily could see the Marks that twined his wrists, the mnemosyne rune on his throat. It had taken her some time to see the Marks as something other than disfiguring her brother, but she was used to them now — as she had grown used to the gear, to the great echoing halls of the Institute, and to its peculiar denizens. She pointed at the wall in front of them. An ancient target had been painted on the wall in black: a bull’s eye inside a larger circle. “If I hit the center of that three times, you have to write a letter to Da and Ma and tell them how you are. You must tell them of the curse and why you left.”
Will’s face closed like a door, the way it always did when she made this request. But, “You’ll never hit it three times without missing, Cecy.”
“Well, then it should be no great concern to you to make the bet, William.” She used his full name purposefully and coolly; she knew it bothered him, coming from her, though when his best friend — no, his parabatai, she had learned since coming to the Institute that these were quite different things — Jem did it, he seemed to take it as a term of affection. Possibly it was because he still had memories of her toddling after him on chubby legs, calling Will, Will, after him in breathless Welsh. She had never called him William, only ever Will or his Welsh name, Gwilym.
His eyes narrowed, those dark-blue eyes the same color as her own. When their mother had said affectionately that Will would be a breaker of hearts when he was grown, Cecily had always looked at her dubiously. Will, it seemed to Cecily, was all arms and legs, skinny and disheveled and always dirty. She could see it now, though, had seen it when she had first walked into the dining room of the Institute and he had stood up in astonishment, and she had thought: That can’t be Will.
He had turned those eyes on her, her mother’s eyes, and she had seen the anger in them. He had not been pleased to see her, not at all. And where there had been a skinny boy with a wild tangle of black hair like a Gypsy’s and leaves in his clothes had been in her memories was this tall, frightening man instead.The words she had wanted to say had dissolved on her tongue and she had only matched him, glare for glare. And so it had been since, Will barely enduring her presence as if she were a pebble in his shoe, a constant annoyance.
Cecily took a deep breath, raised her chin, and threw the first knife. Will did not know, would never know, of the hours she had spent up her, alone, practicing, learning to balance the weight of the knife in her hand, discovering that a good knife throw began from behind the body. She held both arms out straight now and drew her right arm back, behind her head, before bringing it, and the weight of her body, forward — the tip of the knife was in line with the target — she released it and snapped her hand back, sucking in a gasp.
The knife stuck, point-down in the wall, exactly in the center of the target.
“One,” Cecily said, giving Will a superior smile. 
He looked at her stonily, yanked the knife from the wall, and handed it to her again.
Cecily threw it. The second throw, like the first, flew direct to its target and stuck there, vibrating like a mocking finger.
“Two,” Cecily said, in a sepulchral tone.
Will’s jaw set as he took the knife again and presented it to her. She took it with a smile. Confidence was flowing through her veins like new blood. She knew she could do this. She had always been able to climb as high as Will, run as fast, hold her breath as long …
She threw the knife. It struck its target and she leaped into the air, clapping her hands, forgetting herself for a moment in the thrill of victory. Her hair came down from its pins and spilled into her face; she pushed it back and grinned at Will. “You shall write that letter. You gave your word.”
To her surprise, he smiled at her. “Oh, I will write it,” he said. “I will write it, and then I will throw it in the fire.” He held up a hand against her outburst of indignation. “I said I would write it. I never said I would send it.”
Cecily’s breath went out of her in a gasp. “How dare you trick me like that!”
“I told you that you were not made of Shadowhunter stuff, or you would not be so easily fooled. I am not going to write a letter, Cecy, it’s against the Law, and that’s the end of it.”
“As if you care about the Law!” Cecily stamped her foot, and was immediately more annoyed than ever; she detested girls who stamped their feet. 
Will’s eyes narrowed. “And you don’t care about being a Shadowhunter. How is this: I shall write a letter and give it to you if you promise to deliver it home yourself — and not to return.”
Cecily recoiled; she had many memories of shouting matches with Will, of the china dolls she had owned that he had broken by dropping them out an attic window; but there was also kindness in her memories: the brother who had bandaged up a cut knee, or retied her hair ribbons when they came loose. That kindness was absent from the Will who stood before her now. Her mother had used to cry for the first year or two after Will went; she had said, in Welsh, holding Cecily to her, that they — the Shadowhunters — would “take all the love out of him.” A cold, unloving people, she had told Cecily, who had forbidden her marriage to her husband. What could he want with them, her Will, her little one?
“I will not go,” Cecily said, staring her brother down. “And if you insist that I must, I will — I will —”
The door of the attic slid open and Jem stood silhouetted in the doorway. “Ah,” he said, “threatening each other, I see. Has this been going on all afternoon or did it just begin?”
“He began it,” Cecily said, jerking her chin at Will, though she knew it was pointless. Jem, Will’s parabatai, treated her with the distant sweet kindness reserved for the little sisters of one’s friends, but he would always side with Will. Kindly, but firmly, he put Will above everything else in the world.
Well, nearly everything. She had been most struck by Jem when she had first come to the Institute — he had an unearthly, unusual beauty, with his silvery hair and eyes, and the delicate foreignness to his features. He looked like a prince in a fairy tale book, and she might have considered developing an attachment to him were it not so absolutely clear that he was entirely in love with Tessa Gray. His eyes followed her where she went, and his voice changed when he spoke to her. Cecily had once heard her mother say in amusement that one of their neighbors’ boys looked at a girl as if she were “the only star in the sky” and that was the way Jem looked at Tessa.
Cecily didn’t resent it: Tessa was pleasant and kind to her, if a little shy, and with her face always stuck in a book like Will. If that was the sort of girl Jem wanted, she and he never would have suited — and the longer she remained at the Institute, the longer she realized how awkward it would have made things with Will. He was ferociously protective of Jem, and he would have watched her constantly in case she ever distressed or hurt Jem in any way. No — she was far better out of the whole thing.
“I was just thinking of bundling up Cecily and feeding her to the ducks in Hyde Park,” said Will, pushing his wet hair back and favoring Jem with a rare smile. “I could use your assistance.”
“Unfortunately, you may have to delay your plans for sorocide a bit longer. Gabriel Lightwood is downstairs and I have two words for you. Two of your favorite words, at least when you put them together.”
“Utter simpleton?“ inquired Will. “Worthless upstart?”
Jem grinned. “Demon pox,” he said

SDon't mind me... dar asa nu o simpatizez (DE LOC!) pe Cecily! E asa... waaah. Oricum, o sa postez maine recenzia la "Trezita in zori de zi" si vineri-sambata cea de la "Tacere"... ahh, Jev <3 Patch :))

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Cronicile Casterilor: A 16-a Luna - Recenzie film

Personaj principal: Ethan Wate
Personaj feminin principal: Lena Duchannes
Carte: A 16 a luna
Autor: Kami Garcia si Margaret Stohl
Editura: Rao
Titlu original: Beautiful Creatures
Nota: 5/5

Da, ati vazut bine! I-am dat filmului 5 stelute, caramele, iepurasi dansatori, ce vreti voi :) Mda,cartea nu e prea stralucita, nu stiu daca s-a pierdut la traducere sau e asa din "fabricatie" insa nu m-a prea prins. Sigur, are parti ok si parti mai putin ok, vagi care nu prea au sens pentru mine.. dar filmul..... Wow! Just wow!
Atmosfera aceea de orasel mic, cu personajele acelea pline de secrete si goticul ala al Gatlinului m-au prins din prima. Ar mai fi de mentionat cadrele minunate si imaginile superbe surprinse in acest film. 
Mi-a placut la nebunie Ethan! In carte mi-a placut destul de mult insa in film e absolut genial! Cu replicile haioase, felul in care cand asteapta ceva fluiera sau canta tot felul de tampenii e atat de adorabil!
Lena! In carte nu pot sa zic ca mi-a placut de ea. "Vai, tu nu ai intelege, Ethan! Eu sunt buha cea rea din vest, lasa-ma in pace sa-mi plang de mila!" Poate exagerez, insa in carte Lena imi era antipatica. In film nu mi-a parut ceva frumusete actrita aceea, insa felul in care juca, modul in care isi deschidea sufletul si expresiile faciale, imbracamintea, totul m-a facut sa o iubesc si mai mult decat pe fata din carte! Choar sa o ador!
Au omis ceva personaje si intamplari, insa mi se pare ca au facut-o atat de ingenios incat nu au dezamagit fanii si ne-au facut pe noi, cei novic in lumea casterilor sa stam cu mainile la gura. Sfarsitul mi-=a zdrobit inimioara si daca nu erau atat de putine persoane (de ce?!?!?! filmul e must-see!) as fi strigat probabil: Lena, esti o idioata! Ethan te iubeste! si cred ca tot s-ar fi auzit pana la Craiova :))
Va las mai jos cateva filmulete din film si va urez vizionare placuta ca trebuie neaparat sa va dati banutii pe capodopera asta :P

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Concurs - Sange Albastru

Am ales sa dau pre concurs prima data acest volum minunat deoarece, desi inca nu l-am citit sunt convinsa ca e cel mai bun dis serie! Sper sa va inscrieti in numar cat mai mare si vreau sa le multumesc din inima (trebuie sa caut sinonime de multumire) celor de la Leda ca au avut incredere in mine si mi-au oferit sponsorizarea aceasta!
So, Thank you, LEDA :*

Durata: 23 februarie - 13 martie

Succes! :* Va pup >:D<

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Hihihi! Sunt nebuna :)

V-am zis ca ieri seara a fost concert Lala Band la Cluj? Nu, aflati acum :)) A fost o searaaaa :D Ochii mei erau fixati pe Liviu :)) Se face liniste in sala, Irina bineinteles ca urla: Te iubesc, Liviu! :)) Si da, ieri a fost ziua lui Vlad Gherman si eu, emotionata ca o curca in ajunul zilei de taiat curci dupa ce mi-am facut poza cu Vlad si Cristina, Vlad cu o mana pe spatele meu, zice el: Hai, nu mai tremura, zi are o privire serioasa, apoi imi zambeste... Aha, acum cu siguranta nu o sa tremur, Vlad... si da, am uitat sa ii spun "La multi ani!"! Ce toanta sunt!
Inainte de concert cu un grup de fete eram in baie si pe cand sa plecam ce sa vezi? Intra Sore in baie.... Mi-a scapat un mic tipat de: sunt-o-fana-ciudata-si-obsedata-te-iubesc-sore, dar in jurul meu erau pitice de 6-11 ani asa ca nobody needs to know this :) Si in timpul concertului cand Vlad intindea mainile spre public si se mai si uita la mine, care eram aproape, asa de aproape de scena, sa nu ma topesc :3 vai vai vai! Si au cantat "She Will Be Loved" si Liviu (aratand cu degetul catre partea... catre mine, sa fiu asa de egoista :) I want to make you feel beautiful. 
Intr-un cuvant, seara mea a fost asdfghjkluiywiefmlnbnvvcxghbgujk!
Va las o poza, sa crapati de ciua :)) Si pentru cei ne-fani LaLa, just pretend this post doesn't exist :)

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Clace, love and I still hate Valentine's day

Hai serios, si daca as avea iubit probabil ca m-as declara un hater pentru ziua asta infect de roz :)) Si de-aia fac azi postarea :))
Poza asta ma baga in boala si vreau sa explodez in mii de artificii in forma de runa :D
Jace, Take me homeee! Il iubesc pe baiatul asta, desi nu exista :D >:D<
Si partea cu love e I love this song:
Da, edeti cum toate sunt roz pufoase si legate de iubire? Ei bine, nu ma deranjeaza, am altele de facut, cum ar fi sa-mi pazesc inima sa nu cedeze pe cand iese Printesa mecanica. Nu vreau sa mor de Cassandra Clare!
Poate fi mai cruda femeia aia? Team Will <3

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Scoala s-a terminat... pe veci! (Maximum Ride #2) de James Patterson

Personaj principal: Maximum Ride
Nr. pagini: 443
Editura: Leda
Nota: 4/5
Personaj preferat: Nudge

Am dat nota 5/5 primului volum si bineinteles ca James Patterson nu s-a putut abtine sa imi strice mie parerea despre el. Nooo, el a trebuit sa se plieze dupa tiparul YA si sa scrie un volum 2 blestemat. Bine si-asa!
Maximum Ride 2 nu a fost o dezamagire totala, nicidecum. A avut parti amuzante, a avut multa actiune si am aflat noi chestii despre personaje pe care le ador sau nu prea. In acest volum pot spune ca m-am cam atasat de Nudge si nu m-am simtit atat de atasata de eroina principala. Max se schimba mult si nu imi place ca este prea incordata tot timpul, iar asta m-a facut sa nu o mai admir asa de mult. Nu imi place ca se crede liderul si tot spune ca "O sa am o discutie cu Angel"... sincer, Max, ai o casa, ai siguranta relativa si tot amani asta? Ma cam dezamagesti.
Fang e... Fang, his usual self. E mai vorbaret in volumul acesta si la sfarsit a avut un moment adorabil cu Max care mi-a schimbat nitel parerea despre ei doi. Angel e din ce in ce mai sinistra. Ma atasasem de ea din prima carte pana la faza in care constrange o femeie sa ii cumpere un ursulet de plus de 49 de dolari :} Mda, si in cartea asta, Angel are cateva ocazii in care isi exercita "talentele" si nicicum Max nu poate sa-si faca timp sa-i spuna: angel, nu e bine sa te joci cu mintea presedintelui.
Iggy si Gasman sunt cei mai amuzanti, mentin bunavoia grupului si cred ca Iggy e un dulce :) Cred ca imi place de el mai mult decat de Fang :) Iggy e genul sarcastic, desi e orb.
Si in final Nudge s-a descurcat grozav. E exact cum eram eu cand eram mica, nu se opreste din vorbit. Suntem 2 mori stricate :) Si imi place de ea ca e intotdeauna optimista .
Overall, cartea a fost buna, insa era loc si de mai bine. Merita sa o cumparati, insa sa nu aveti asteptari atat de mari ca sa nu cumva sa fiti dezamagiti.

Iggy: Pot sa intru?
Max: Sunt intr-un prosop...
Iggy: Sunt orb!

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Vineri seara!

Iei, e vineri si maine am olimpiada... Iei. ie... :| Mda, stiu ca eu m-am bagat singura in asta... daaar...
Ma rog, weekendul viitor am planuri sa recuperez :D Joi de ziua aia ma duc la Beautiful Creatures, vineri am mate si dupa aceea ma vedeti chiuind in cinema cu popcorn la "Warm Bodies" si salivand la zombalaul ala superb de Nicholas Hoult :) dupa care ma gasiti lipita de usile Casei de Cultura a Studentilor la concertul LaLa Band care se intampla sa fie de ziua lui Vlad care e preferatul meu (o da, sac sac saac, Bucuresti, mori de ciuda :))
Si sunt in moemntul IM/Di fangirl obsessing moiod :))
Asta era explicatia pentru aceasta poza adorabila pe care am gasit-o pe facebookul lui Rose, ma rog, Addicted to books :X
Am o obsesie cu Taylor Swift de care banuiesc ca stie toata lumea? Nu, ei, acum stiti! Ultimul ei album, RED are cele mai bune si cele mai deplasate piese pe care le-a compus ea vreodata. We are never ever getting back together, I Knew You Were Trouble si 22 sunt parte din seria cantecelor mai pop si mai ne-swift. All Too Well, I Almost Do si Begin Again sunt country 25/24 si geniale! Am aflat ca vom avea videoclipuri pentru piesele "22" si "All Too Well" ceea ce ma bucura enorm pentru ca cele 2 sunt preferatele mele de pe album, alaturi de... tot albumul?! Oricum, mie imi plac toate melodiile lui Taylor. Are un stil aparte de a scrie sentimentele cu asa o onestitate ca te dezarmeaza si ramai trasnit cand iti dai seama ca ai simtit si tu exact acelasi lucru. 
Am terminat volumul 2 din Maximum Ride si a fost... oau! Si o sa vin cu o recenzie maine poimaine si cu 2 concursuri :)
Va las cu Treacherous si va spun noapte buna!
Apropo, Rose, sa stii ca mananc Oreo :*

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Casitng opinions!

Seara buna, blogosfera! Avand in vedere explozia de vesti din ultima vreme am zis ca mai bine va spun si voua ce cred eu despre fiecare dintre distributiile filmelor noastre iubite. Sa incepem, nu?

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters

Despre Rose )Zoey Deutch) nu am ce comenta, este frumoasa, poate sa arate badass daca vrea si sunt convinsa ca o sa reuseasca. Un lucru nu prea imi place... vocea :| adica am cautat interviuri cu ea, are 18 ani insa vocea o face sa para mai...tanara :) Ma asteptam la Rose sa aiba ceva voce de Xena amestecata cu Keira Knightley.... oricum...
Lissa :3 Multi spun ca Lissa e putin uratica... mie nu mi se pare! Oricum, nu o prea adoram eu pe Lissa pana in volumul 4 cand a facut un lucru de care sunt mandra :D Lucy Fry arata foarte frumos si sper ca si joaca bine. Lissa e un presonaj controversat, trece prin multe incercari si nu oricine poate sa redea aceste emotii pe care le simte ea. Oricum, cand vine vorba de looks, Lucy are votul meu :)
Asa, motanul Danila... pai ce sa spun. NU e rau! Imi place... dar nu eeeee.... chiar Dimitri din capul meu. E mai bine decat Jace care e... ma rog, insa nu pot sa fiu 100% indragostita de el ca Dimka pentru ca inca habar nu am cum ce si cand. Vreau sa aiba aura aia de zeu a lui Dimitri si sper ca intre el si Zoey sa fie chimie! Asta conteaza foarte mult! 

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Clary.... cand am aflat ca Lily e Clary... hmm, nu stiu ce sa spun. O stiam pe Lily, cum sa nu o stiu?! Tatal ei e freakin' Phill Collins, pentru numele lui Dumnezeu! Nu am adorat-o ca si Clary de la inceput. Mi se parea ca miss Fray trebie sa fie.. mai altfel, insa am ajuns sa o ador cu toata inima, mai ales cand spune: "If I'm not human then what am I?" Faza aceea m-a facut sa spun:Clary e osam si de atunci numai Clary ii spun minunatiei aleia de fete!
Jamie.... nu pot sa spun ca il ador. Nu, nici ca e ok. Nu stiu ce sa spun. Parul ala al lui nu se potriveste! E greu sa-ti faci breton nene? Oricum, in trailer imi place de el, e ok, si are o moaca simpatica uneori, insaaaa.... serios acum, nu puteau sa nu-i dea huda aia? Adica gluga? Nu-mi place :( Speram sa ii faca ceva mai elaborat cu parul sa nu mai arate ca si cum o girafa l-a lins in cap... ma rog, ce sa-i faci?
Simon e perfect! Robert Sheehan e un dragut si e prefect pentru rolul asta! Pacat ca nu poate vorbi cu accentul lui irlandez ca mi-ar face inima sa zburde :) E amuzant si osam, pacat de ochelari, dar asa e Simon asa ca nu o sa comentez pe faza asta. Aveti numai grija sa ii aratati ochii aia frumosi :3
Isabelle si Alec? Izzy e frumoasa, are o voceeee XD si e perfecta! Alec mi se pare cam batran si nu cred ca o sa ma obisnuiesc cu el... e asa... batran :| Actorul e dragut de pici insa e... prea batran :) DSar oricum, nu prea imi place personajul lui Alec asa caaaa :) Si Magnus e genial, insa nu stiu daca o sa ma pot abtine din ras cand o sa-l vad pe japonezul ala sau ce-o fi cu sclipici in cap :))


Shailene mi-a placut din prima clipa! Nu am un motiv anume, insa o ador! E atat de... frumoasa si diferita! Sper sa se vopseasca blonda, desi ii ador claia aia bruneta. E atat de perfecta pentru rolul lui Tris! Pur si simplu e preferata mea. Nu am mai auzit de ea insa imi place si abia astept sa vad ce ii poate pielea. Sa fi curajoasa, Shai!
Despre Alex Pettyfer nici nu imi vine sa discut. Cum a putut sa faca asa ceva?! Hmm??? Adica nu vrei sa fii JACE WAYLAND??? si te bagi in Divergent unde nimeni nu vrea sa te vada? Du-te-acasa, rogu-te si da-te cu capul de pereti, vrei?! Nu ca e rau pentru Four, nu e, e chiar decent dar... CUM?! Adica say whaaaat?! Dafuq is wrong with you! Zici ca nu vrei YA si te bagi in cea mai mare productie cinematografica dupa cea mai epica distopie ever? Tu gandesti mai nene? Ma rog, numai te rog nu mi-l strica pe Tobias ca te bat! Auzi?

Asa, am terminat cu filemele astea, o sa va zic noapte buna ca maine am zi lunga de invatat la engleza pentru olimpiada si trebuie sa suport un anumit monstru din scoala si un anumit baiat care e iubitul monstrului.... eh, complicata povestea :) Va pup

sâmbătă, 2 februarie 2013

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters!

Dupa lupte seculare, sfanta ceapa, avem cele 3 personaje principale ale seriei care o sa dea clasa Hollywoodului! Mda, vorbesc despre Academia Vampirilor! Am aflat azi ca Rose, Lissa si Dimitri si-au gasit fiecare cate un actor si asteapta sa fie adusi la iata. Am mai aflat si ca Richelle Mead impreuna cu producatorii au decis sa numeasca filmul Blood sisters deoarece "Academia vampirilor" nu a avut un succesc atat de mare pe cat se spera si Blood Sisters cam rezuma intr-un fel ciudat povestea primului volum! Fara alte introduceri:

How much say does an author have in a movie?
On paper? Not much. This is standard across the board, no matter what stories have gotten around about Stephenie Meyer approving a script or J.K. Rowling screening actors. We have to think of it this way. I'm not paying millions for people to turn my books into a movie. They're paying millions of their own money, so it's understandable they'd want to be very involved in the decisions. They know about making movies. I know about writing books. We each have our thing, and I'm very happy to let Preger Entertainment and their team do theirs, which is why I signed with them in the first place. I totally believe in them and support everything they've been doing.

Zoey Deutch as Rosemarie Hathaway---------------->

That being said, Preger Entertainment and their team have been AWESOME about keeping me in the loop and asking my opinions. Do I get ultimate say? No, but they've shown me script and actor choices and asked for my opinions, which is so cool because believe me when I say, a lot of authors don't get that consideration. I'm super lucky.

Is the title changing?
Sort of. It's more accurate to say the title's getting an addition. If you've read past interviews with me, you might know that Vampire Academy wasn't my first choice for the book. I actually sold it as Kissed By Shadows. People at my publishing house weren't sure that title would work for a few different reasons, and eventually, we decided on VA since it's so memorable. When the movie came around, the production team had some concerns about that title, though. For one thing, there's a lot of other "vampire" stuff out there, and we want VA to stand out. Don't believe me? I get constant emails from people saying they love the Vampire Diaries because they get mixed up. The other thing is that VA isn't exactly an accurate title. It makes it sound like it's more about school. If you're a fan of the series, you know that in the last half of the series, they're hardly at school at all. The big focus of the series is Rose and Lissa's bond and ESPECIALLY Rose and Dimitri's relationship. That's what makes this stand out from other vampire books, so it was decided that VA would stay the movie series name but that the first movie would get a more distinctive title.

Lucy Fry as Vasilisa Dragomir------------------->

The team asked me for ideas, and I gave a few name suggestions that they considered. Blood Sisters is a title that other countries use who don't want the first book and the series to have the same name. It's a name I liked, and the team liked it too. It emphasizes the bond and will hopefully appeal to new fans. Because here's the thing: the more successful this movie is, the more likely it is that more can be made. An awesome movie will go nowhere if no one comes to see it. So, VA is the name of the franchise, and each movie gets its own name. This is Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters. If it's a hit, and we move on to the next one, that'll be Vampire Academy: Frostbite. Does that make sense? No one's tryig to diss me or the series in this process, and I assure you, we'll still hear "Vampire Academy" tossed around plenty--just like when Fellowship of the Ring came out, I went and said, "Give me a ticket for Lord of the Rings."

Is the script totally different from the book?
No. I was actually blown away when I saw how true it was to the story. Seriously, it's awesome. I have no idea where this Rose, Lissa, and Dimitri triangle rumor came from, but it's NOT true, unless they completely rewrote the script in the last month. Rose and Dimitri have eyes for each other, and Lissa and Christian are kissing in the church. The only differences are very minor things--like in The Hunger Games, where Prim gives Katniss the mockingjay pin. Is that what happened in the book? No, but it streamlines some things, saves them from hiring an extra actress, and doesn't affect the main plot. Rest easy, there are no crazy changes, like werewolves attending the school or Rose and Christian discovering they're long lost siblings. Although, that last one might be hilarious.

Seriously--the script is great. They've given Dimitri lines that are going to make you swoon, especially in the lust charm scene.

What about the cast?
If you haven't heard already, the cast is Zoey Deutch as Rose, Danila Kozlovsky as Dimitri, and Lucy Fry as Lissa. Reactions are all across the board. Some people love them, some are worried. Some love only one actor, some love another. Here's the thing: there is no cast everyone will love. It's impossible. I could download the characters from my mind, and I'd get hate mail saying they were all wrong. :) The casting agency worked very hard in choosing these actors, and I think they did a great job. I have it on good authority from friends who've worked with the lovely Zoey Deutch that she's an amazing actress. And I think it's awesome that they chose a Russian for Dimitri! I mean, I wouldn't know the difference, but I'd hate it if real Russians saw the movie and were like, "That guy is obviously fake." As for Lucy Fry, she certainly looks the part, and it's fun that she's Australian, since that's one of VA's biggest fan bases. The international cast reflects VA's international following.

One more thing to consider about the cast. None of us witnessed the casting process. Only the movie team did, and they didn't just pick pictures off IMDB. These actors were screened, auditioned, read the script, did action scenes, and had to do a lot of other stuff to prove themselves. We didn't see that. The movie folks have and made decisions because they saw something awesome in this talented trio. Remember when Jennifer Lawrence was cast as Katniss, and people were ready to riot? Then the movie team dyed her hair and gave her a bow, and she was awesome. That's how this is going to pan out too, except no bow. I'm sure they'll grow out Danila's hair, though.

Danila Kozlovsky as Dimitri Belikov ----------->

Will this movie ruin the books?
Um, no. The books are the books. Even if this was the worst movie in the history of movies (and it won't be, not with the talent involved in writing, directing, and acting in it), no power will go in and rewrite the books. They're the canon, the original, the truth, and I'm still continuing their story. If you love them, you'll keep loving them. The movies won't change that. Movies are an awesome opportunity for us to see these scenes and people come to life, and I'm extremely supportive and excited to see what the team is going to pull off for us!

Bottom line
This process is still very, very young. Keep calm, and have faith. There's good stuff ahead! And whatever your thoughts are on the movie news, I want you to know that I understand people have such strong opinions because they love the books so much. And you can't imagine how much it means to me that the books I work so hard on can have such a huge emotional impact on you and are so important to you. Thank you for loving them as much as I do.

I really, really hope this helps clear up some confusion! I wish I could write more, but I'm exhausted from some late nights with my son. Those of you who have written with excitement about the actors--thanks so much! And those who are worried--just hang with us and see. :)

For the latest news and articles (because there are certainly tons of them now), check out the Official Vampire Academy Movie Facebook Page.

Asta e ce are autoarea, Richelle Mead de spus despre aceste stiri. Sincera sa fiu, sunt 99% de acord cu ea. Sunt oarecum sceptica in privinta lui Rose si Dimitri. Arata nu chiar cum imi imaginam, insa de Dimitri nu sunt chiar fericita... e.. ok?! Rose imi place si Lissa e absolut perfecta, te uimeste cat de superba e tipa aia si abia astept sa vad cum o sa fie! Oameni, filmul asta chiar se intamplaaa :D :D :D Ne bombardeaza astia cu awesomeness, care mai de care mai tare! Ca s-a treminat cu Amurg si acum se bat pe titlul de cel mai tare film... dar stati calm, cel mai tare film va fi dupa "Ingerul mecanic" daca il iau pe Willul care trebuie :)) Sunt curioasa, ce credeti? :o3